Pequannock Band Competition

Welcome to the 25th Marching Band Competition at
Pequannock Township High School!

Saturday, October 7th, 2017
This year’s US Bands event will feature performances by 12 competing marching bands and Pequannock’s own Golden Panther Marching Band, who will perform in exhibition.

Click here for a Tentative Performance Schedule.  Please note that US Bands may make minor last-minute changes to the schedule.

For those of you new to the world of marching band competitions, welcome!  Our school is located at:
85 Sunset Road, Pompton Plains, NJ

Parking is available on most of the side streets surrounding the high school, and in the church lot on Sunset road. Parking for spectators is NOT available in the PTHS school parking lots as they are reserved for the band buses, equipment trucks, and staff vehicles and as Band warm-up areas.  Please observe parking regulations near corners, hydrants, stop signs, etc. Do not block driveways.

Map of the High School and vicinity

Handicapped access:
If you or one of your passengers had limited mobility and/or requires handicapped access, you may park along designated areas along West Parkway adjacent to the main field entrance. Alternately, if you are dropping off someone, you may enter the school parking lot containing buses on Sunset road (near tennis courts).  Tell the parking volunteers that you need handicap drop off access, and they will direct you.

Adults……………………………….$ 12
Seniors……………………………..$ 8
Students with Student ID……..$ 5
Children 5 and under…………..$ Free

Air-Grams & Candy-Grams for students:
Available at the competition during the event.

For those of you new to marching band, air grams are short personal messages read over the loudspeaker as your band enters or exits the field (“Good luck to Michelle and the entire flute section.  We are so proud of you.  Love, Grammy”).

Please note that air grams DO sometimes sell out.  The total number per band is limited by the amount of time allowed by US Bands for each band’s entrance and exit. Buy online in advance to be safe.

Candy grams are short written messages (and a candy treat) delivered to your band member after his or her performance.  

The concession stand is located by the Band entrance.

The bake sale tables are located by the visitors stands/main field.
Here you can purchase cookies, cupcakes, candy, water and drinks.

Questions or problems?  Contact us through the “Contact Link” above or by clicking here.